Working to protect, preserve and enhance this historic Connecticut roadway through education, advocacy and partnership

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Honorary Board
Vincent J. Scully
Robert A.M. Stern

Founding Co-Chair
Deanne Winokur

Peter Malkin

Vice Chairmen
David S. Parker
Alloe Stokes

Edward Bermas
Suma CM
Joel Davis
Jeremy Frost
Ted Grabarz
Leigh Grant
Laurie Heiss
Kathryn Herman
Leslie Klein
Thomas Lombardo
George Maranis
Herbert Newman
John Olson
Stephen Osman
Nancy R. Savin
Robert & Catherine Sbriglio
Gary Sorge

Advisory Board
Lilla Cooper
Emil Frankel
Lynn Fusco
Mark Greenwald
Mary Hull
Mary Keane
Barry Nova
FiFi Sheridan
Gillian Steel
Davidde Strackbein
Vicki Tananbaum
Stanley A. Twardy
Donald Watson

Executive Director
Jill Smyth

Photographs courtesy of the Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER).

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