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Guide To The Merritt Parkway

This is the first map for drivers of the Merritt Parkway in 50 years.

Early Merritt Parkway maps promoted the 1938 road as the "Gateway to New England" and advised travelers of the rules of the road. This new guide is designed to enhance the way neighbors, commuters and passing motorists experience the Merritt Parkway, which connects and unifies the people and special places of Southwest Connecticut.

It highlights some of the great bridges and their remarkable details, great old trees, swamps and rivers, stone walls and rock outcrops. Additionally, many parks, arts and science centers, historic sites and traditional town centers along (or accessible from) the Parkway have been included. Directions and phone numbers are provided for some of these locations.

This map helps drivers and passengers to see things along the Merritt that were previously not noticed and encourages people to venture off the Parkway to explore new places and to see the Merritt in a new way... a road through a "ribbon park," which connects people and communities. Purchase of this map will help support the efforts of the Merritt Parkway Conservancy and is tax-deductible.

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